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Managing your campaigns

Adwords is the name, keyword bidding is the game…

Google Adwords is arguable the most effective online advertising platform. When managed correctly, it is a fantastic tool for boosting targeted traffic, generating leads and reaching those ready-to-buy customers.

The best bit is, you only have to pay when someone actually clicks your ad, hence the name ‘Pay-Per Click advertising’, also known as PPC.

“Here at CYTI Digital, we love nothing more than helping our clients achieve maximum value from their click budget”

“The first 4 positions on Google are reserved for sponsored ads. If you want to be top, there’s only one way to do it…. Adwords”

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Quite simply, by bidding on a selection of key phrases that are relevant to your business, you can reach potential clients at the very moment they search for services or products you offer. When a user types in a key phrase you’re bidding on into the search engine, your advert will be displayed. The position of your ad is determined by the bid amount and relevancy of your advert.

Now this may sound all very straightforward, but running an Adwords PPC campaign is much more involved than simply adding a bunch of keywords and hitting the ‘on’ button.  There are many metrics to consider, such as quality score, click through rates, ad position, keyword match types, cost per acquisition, call tracking and many more.

And let us tell you, a badly set up, poorly managed or unattended campaign is a sure way to lose money! Here at CYTI Digital, with our experience and knowledge, we set up and nurture PPC campaigns, large and small, to achieve maximum performance and optimum results.

Our PPC Management Services

Whether you’re new to Google Adwords or have an existing account that needs some attention, we’re happy to assist.  Our PPC campaign management includes:

Keyword Research & Management

We will research and assemble a list of relevant keywords that your prospective customers actually use. The correct match type will be applied to your key-phrases and closely related terms shall be grouped together to target your audience effectively. We will continually monitor your keywords performance, adding new ones to extend your reach, bidding on phrases that work and pausing ones that don’t.


Firstly we take some time to understand your business and establish your goals. We will then develop a suitable strategy to help you best utilise this form of online advertising.

Ad copy

We will write attention grabbing ads to achieve the best click through rates. Using Google Ad Extensions can significantly increase click through rates and reduce cost per clicks, so we can set these up and apply these to your ads too.

Landing Page Optimisation

The relevance of your landing pages plays a big part in Google’s quality scoring and is essential for good conversion. As part of our PPC management service, we will work with you to identify the most relevant web pages to direct traffic to and make recommendations to help these pages generate more leads and sales.

Bid Management

We manage key-wording bidding according to your budget and apply a bidding strategy that suits your goals. During the management of your campaign we will adjust your bids to ensure you are getting the maximum return on investment.

Tracking, Monitoring and Updating

Tracking code will be supplied to enable accurate analysis, and once the campaign is activated we will continually monitor performance. We will make adjustments based on data history and react to current market conditions by refining keywords, ad positions and ad copy to improve click through rates and lower cost per click or cost per acquisition to make the most of your PPC spend.

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