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With over a billion users worldwide, 35 million of which are in the UK, Facebook is undeniably the most trafficked of social networking sites, which is why Facebook Advertising cannot be overlooked as a means of engaging with potential customers.

It’s an ideal platform for advertisers to access a diverse consumer base spanning all demographics, and whether you’re a business operating in a niche or competitive industry, local, national or global, CYTI Digital can help you target your exact audience effectively with this cost effective and measurable marketing channel.

The Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

The beauty of Facebook targeting is being able to get up close and personal with potential customers by placing ads within newsfeeds and prominent positions as they interact with friends and family, which then widens your reach as users ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Recommend’ to others. This is similar to word of mouth marketing and a great way to generate new leads and build a loyal customer base.

Another big advantage of running Facebook ad campaigns is how super targeted you can get. You can think local, serving ads to a certain area or a particular town. We can segment your audience by age, gender, personal interests and job functions to name a few. And if you cater for a broad demographic, we can even tailor multiple ads to each segment to improve engagement rates.

Facebook Advertising Strategies

Being a social community, advertising on Facebook requires a very different approach to other forms of search marketing such as Google Adwords. Before launching your Facebook ad campaign it’s really important that we establish your goals, so we can optimise your campaigns accordingly. It may be that you want to build your audience and generate ‘likes’ to your fan page, or that you want to run ads that generate clicks to your website.

There are two bidding models, and if you’re looking to run a brand awareness campaign, the CRM (cost per thousand impressions) option will ensure your ad gets maximum exposure, whilst  CPC (cost per click) bidding means you only pay when someone clicks the ad, and this is often a good strategy to apply if your objective is website conversions.

Interested in Trying Facebook Paid Advertising?

The complex ecosystem of social media advertising can be difficult to navigate. At CYTI Digital, we make it easier for businesses to unlock the power of Facebook Advertising by defining the target audience and serving creative ads to attract attention.  If you’re looking for help in getting started with Facebook Ads or assistance in developing your strategy, get in touch and we can chat through your options.

* If you’re looking to have your actual Facebook account managed, please visit our Social Media Management page for further information.

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