Our Ethos

We care about being good, not different’ – this is one of our core values and when it comes to providing marketing services, we’re definitely driven by ideas not just technology.

CYTI Digital only has one agenda, and that’s to achieve the best results possible and add real value to the companies we work with.

This approach enables us to suggest suitable marketing campaigns and strategies to help you reach your target audience and achieve your overall business objectives.

CYTI Digital

What we do

We have extensive knowledge of internet marketing and are experts in search engine optimisation, quality web content, pay per click advertising and social media. Our range of digital marketing services are designed to help businesses boost their online presence with tailored campaigns to reach, act, convert and engage the target audience for online success.

We also offer Personal Branding and PR services, and have the skills to manage your design, print and branding needs too!

Marketing for the Insurance Industry

Having a wealth of experience working in the insurance industry we are familiar with the stringent regulations insurance companies and brokers encounter from the FCA and other regulatory bodies

We can help insurance companies to leverage digital marketing channels to acquire and retain clients whilst ensuring advertising campaigns are compliant with the use of appropriate messaging and terminology.

Web Based Systems for The Insurance Industry

Firemelon is a leading provider of web based systems for the insurance industry. The technology not only processes sales, claims and MI reporting, but integrates with the UK’s biggest comparison sites. We work closely with Firemelon and their developers to offer overall web solutions to our clients.

Business Consultancy & Investment

There’s no doubt that a well-executed marketing plan can help a business grow, but as we all know, there’s more to running a successful company than having a website! Together with our partner company, Tedaisy Ltd, we offer strategic management advice, analysis and investment to help new and existing companies succeed. Whether you need capital to expand or to start a new business, or simply require some fresh ideas and perspectives with some clear and actionable advice, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Let’s chat

Before anything else we would like to find out more about your business and understand your goals… So let’s chat!

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